PyTorch Release 1.13.1 Planning

PyTorch Release 1.13.1 Planning
Dear Team
We are considering creating minor PyTorch release 1.13.1
Here is the list of issues we are preparing to include in this minor release
Current Status 7 open and 5 closed issues : Release 1.13.1 milestones

Please review them carefully, all open and closed issues and let us know if you think that certain issue should not be included in the milestones or more issues added to the milestones. Please let us know by November 18, 2022 if more issues should be included, by creating new issue under pytorch/pytorch and assigning it to 1.13.1 Milestone.
Please note: since it’s a minor release, we are only considering critical fixes to be included in this release. Please see Patch Release Criteria section of release doc.
The exact timeline for Release 1.13.1 binary availability will be posted in this group once we finalize all the issues to be included in this release.

Please contact OSS Releng team members if you have any questions/comments.