PyTorch Release 2.2.0 Jan 4 Update

We have decided to delay the release of PyTorch 2.2.0 until January 30, 2024 to conduct additional regression and perf testing and allow more time for finalizing External-Facing Content.

Release tracker issue for cherry-pick submission is available here

Reminder of key dates:

  • M3.1: Release branch cut (12/4/23) - COMPLETED
  • M3.2: Release first RC1 Binary for PyTorch Core (12/5/23) - COMPLETED
  • M3.3: Domain libraries cut RC Branch (12/7/23) - COMPLETED
  • M4: Release branch finalized, Announce final launch date, Feature classifications published (week of 1/1/24) - ETA 1/5/24
  • M5: External-Facing Content Finalized (1/26/24) - NEW DATE
  • M6: Release Day (1/30/24) - NEW DATE

If you have any questions please comment below or reach out to us on this thread.


Team PyTorch