PyTorch Release 2.2.0 Important Information

We have decided to delay the release of PyTorch 2.2.0 by a week to conduct additional regression testing and allow more time for cherry-picking.

Release tracker issue for cherry-pick submission is available here

Reminder of key dates:

  • M3.1: Release branch cut (12/4/23) - COMPLETED
  • M3.2: Release first RC1 Binary for PyTorch Core (12/5/23) - COMPLETED
  • M3.3: Domain libraries cut RC Branch (12/7/23) - COMPLETED
  • M4: Release branch finalized, Announce final launch date, Feature classifications published (week of 1/1/24) - NEW DATE
  • M5: External-Facing Content Finalized (1/15/24) - NEW DATE
  • M6: Release Day (1/17/24) - NEW DATE

If you have any questions please comment below or reach out to us on this thread.


Team PyTorch


Are there update dates for the final release?

Yes, there is PyTorch Release 2.2.0 Jan 4 Update - Release Announcements - PyTorch Dev Discussions

HI @thiagocrepaldi The release should be available now: Release PyTorch 2.2: FlashAttention-v2, AOTInductor · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub