PyTorch Release 1.13.1 Dates

Dear Team
We will be creating minor PyTorch release 1.13.1.

Following are the tentative dates:
Phase 1 (until 12/8/2022): Release Candidate 1
Phase 2 (until 12/15/2022): Tentative General Availability

Please note: since it’s a minor release, we are only considering critical fixes to be included in this release.
Cherry-Pick Criteria
Fixes to regressions against previous major version (e.g. regressions introduced in 1.13.0 from 1.12.0 are pickable for 1.13.1)
Critical fixes for: silent correctness, backwards compatibility, crashes, deadlocks, (large) memory leaks
Fixes to new features being introduced in this release
Documentation improvements
Release branch specific changes (e.g. blocking ci fixes, change version identifiers)

Issue tracker for this release can be found here
Issues that are targeted to be included in this release can be found here

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