PyTorch Release 2.0.1 Planning

We are starting to plan for 2.0.1 release, preemptively cutting a branch to solicit critical bugs to decide when/whether to proceed with 2.0.1 .

Let us know by April 4, 2023 if issue should be included in 2.0.1 minor Release. You can do so by creating new issue under pytorch/pytorch and assigning it to 2.0.1 Milestone

Please note: since it’s a minor release, we are only considering critical fixes to be included in this release. Please see Cherry-Pick Criteria of [v2.0.1] Release Tracker.

Important: If you added an issue to a milestones: 2.0.1 Milestone · GitHub and there is already a fix for it that is landed, please post it as cherry pick into the [v2.0.1] Release Tracker.

There isn’t a current timeline for 2.0.1 release. We use release tracker to know what will be included in the release and to take the decision on when and if it will happen.

The next milestone is April 4th where the Release team will meet and decide if we are triggering an RC.

Our plan from this point from this point is roughly:

  • Phase 0 (April 4th): Review posted cherry-picks and decide if we are triggering RC
  • Phase 1 (until TBD): Release Candidate 1
  • Phase 2 (until TBD): Tentative General Availability

Please contact OSS Releng team members if you have any questions/comments.

See the new post on 4/4/23 that updates deadlines and timelines for 2.0.1 release.

We (on 4/13/23) have decided to delay the release of PyTorch 2.0.1 by a week to conduct additional regression testing on newly released hardware.

New dates are:

  • 4/21 (Friday): Cherry-pick post deadline (End of day 5PM PST)
  • 4/24 (Monday): All cherry-picks merged in the release branch
  • 4/25 (Tuesday): All RC binaries are ready for testing
  • 5/5 (Friday): Release 2.0.1 General Availability