PyTorch Release 2.0.1 Important Information

Dear Team,

Today (4/4/23) the PyTorch Release Team reviewed cherry-picks and have decided to proceed with PyTorch 2.0.1 release based on the following two must-have fixes:

This post specifies the target timeline, and the process to follow to be considered for inclusion of this release.

What you need to do if you have a fix that you want to get into 2.0.1

If you added an issue to milestones :, and you want to see your fix included in this minor release. Please post it as a cherry-pick into the [v2.0.1] Release Tracker. The deadline is April 14, 5PM PST.

Only issues that have ‘cherry-picks’ will be considered for the release.

Following is the tentative timeline for the Release 2.0.1. If there are any changes we will update in a future post:

  • 4/14 (Friday): Cherry-pick post deadline (End of day 5PM PST)
  • 4/17 (Monday): All cherry-picks merged in the release branch
  • 4/18 (Tuesday): All RC binaries are ready for testing
  • 4/28 (Friday): Release 2.0.1 General Availability

Please note when posting cherry-pick for an issue, you must include BOTH:

A) Call out the reason of cherry pick and

B) How it satisfies the criteria(s) below (as discussed in the Release Tracker issue):

  • Fixes to regressions against the most recent release (e.g. 2.0.0 for 2.0.1 release; see module: regression issue list)
  • Low risk critical fixes for: silent correctness, backwards compatibility, crashes, deadlocks, (large) memory leaks
  • Fixes to new features being introduced in 2.0.0 release
  • Documentation improvements
  • Release branch specific changes (e.g. blocking ci fixes, change version identifiers)

Common FAQs:

Q1: Where can I find more information on the release process and terminology?

A: pytorch/ at master · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub

Q2: Am I guaranteed to be included in the cherry-pick if I do above?

A: No, it is not guaranteed, the Release Team will review all submissions against the listed criteria before making the final decision on what to include on 4/17.

Q3: When is 2.1 going to be released?

A: We do not have a formal date at this time but will update the community when we do. Our immediate focus is 2.0.1. Note that 1.12 was released on 6/28/22, 1.13 on 10/28/22 and 2.0 on 3/15/23.

Q4: I missed the 4/14 5PM PST deadline, is there any option to have an extension?

A: No, in order to meet our 4/28 goal, we must hold 4/14 as our deadline and will not accept any requests after the fact. We are over communicating the timelines and process with the community to avoid such issues.

Q5: Where should I double check to see if my issue is in the cherry pick tracker?

A: [v2.0.1] Release Tracker · Issue #97272 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub

Q6: Where can I find the Release Compatibility Matrix for PyTorch?

A: pytorch/ at master · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub

Please contact OSS Releng team members if you have any questions/comments. Again we appreciate everyone’s time and commitment to the community, PyTorch and 2.0 and 2.01 releases!

We have decided to delay the release of PyTorch 2.0.1 by a week to conduct additional regression testing on newly released hardware.

New dates are:

  • 4/21 (Friday): Cherry-pick post deadline (End of day 5PM PST)
  • 4/24 (Monday): All cherry-picks merged in the release branch
  • 4/25 (Tuesday): All RC binaries are ready for testing
  • 5/5 (Friday): Release 2.0.1 General Availability