Announcement: The First PyTorch Quarterly Maintainers Meeting - July 22, 2022

The general purpose of these meetings is to:

  • Discuss any technical plans and roadmaps for PyTorch
  • Review any high-level requests related to PyTorch, such as:
    • Creating new module
    • Adding new maintainers at the core, module, or library level
    • Resolving any disputes among maintainers

PyTorch core maintainers are the primary attendees, with module maintainers and others invited only per meeting, depending on the agenda. The meeting minutes will be published to the PyTorch Google Drive and one week following the meeting.

PyTorch Core Maintainers

  • Soumith Chintala
  • Edward Yang
  • Gregory Chanan
  • Dmytro Dzhulgakov

Agenda for July 22, 2022

  • Review proposal to add a new module (docs) and new docs module contributor
  • Review the hardware support framework
  • Where to store this document and meeting notes
  • Discussion on how the PyTorch community can submit requests to this committee
  • Schedule the next core maintainers meeting

How To Submit Your Questions/Topics?

There will be a form published after the first meeting. For now, feel free to submit your questions/comments as comments under this post.


For people new to the mailing list or who dont have context on what Modules exist or who are the listed Module maintainers, please see this page:


Do we have any minutes publicly available?

publishing them today

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and it is out: First PyTorch Quarterly Maintainers Meeting Minutes - [Meeting date: July 22, 2022]

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This section seems missing in the minutes. Are you still going to review this in near term?

We are moving process of proposing such things to public via GitHub, however this specific proposal was done via internal process and we did’t have enough time to make it external yet, but we will at some point. Our goal to make sure that in 2-3 core maintainer reviews there will be no more cases like this when core maintainers have to review something that is not yet fully public.