2023 Q2 PyTorch Maintainer Meeting - Aug 18, 2023

Our 2023 Q2 PyTorch Maintainer Meeting is scheduled for Aug 18th.

The general purpose of these meetings is to:

  1. Discuss any technical plans and roadmaps for PyTorch
  2. Review any high-level requests related to PyTorch, such as:
  • Creating new modules
  • Adding new maintainers at the core, module, or library level
  • Resolving any disputes among maintainers

PyTorch core maintainers are the primary attendees, with module maintainers and others invited only per meeting, depending on the agenda. The agenda for this meeting will be added to this post as it is developed and meeting minutes will be published to the PyTorch Google Drive and dev-discuss.pytorch.org approximately one week following the meeting (to allow time for us to review for accuracy).

PyTorch Core Maintainers are:

Soumith Chintala
Edward Yang
Gregory Chanan
Dmytro Dzhulgakov
Nikita Shulga

If you have any questions about PyTorch Technical Governance please refer to the information here:

  1. Persons of Interest
  2. Governance Overview


Agenda is TBD right now. Initial draft Agenda should be posted on or before Aug 11 (1 week prior).

Any community member can propose agenda items by submitting them using the following link: Form

Draft Agenda

  1. Review and approve notes from last meeting

  2. Three tech topics submitted by on the form:

  • Topic: “LLM inference challenge: bare metal solutions such as ggerganov/llama.cpp gave very good portability on various devices (and potentially it is capable of achieving optimal performance), also the project has pretty cool int4 implementation. Would like to understand how pytorch is going to handle this situation”
  • Topic: “I’d like to learn the plan of stabilizing the ATen/Prims IR specification, how the backward compatibility is going to be maintained and what is the philosophy to add new ops to it.”
  • Topic: “I’d like to learn the roadmap/plan supporting the export of a complete graph for models, in particular, those LLMs having dynamic control flow (i.e., decoder loop).”
  1. No maintainer or core maintainer nominations received.