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I am working on an NSF proposal (summarized at Scikit Build Proposal - ISciNumPy) to work on scikit-build (KitWare’s official CMake adaptor for Python) over the next three years. Would the PyTorch developers be interested in being listed in that proposal? I could help with transitioning the manually maintained wrappers currently used by PyTorch as part of the funding for that work, ideally before distutils is removed from Python in version 3.12. It also would lightly cover continued maintenance of pybind11 and cibuildwheel; I’ve previously helped PyTorch with pybind11.

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Hi @henryiii

Sorry for the late reply, I have been away and it took some time to discuss this internally.

We would be happy to be listed in this proposal especially given the key role of CMake in our build . Having the right build system would definitely help us simplify a lot of our build system across different platform and configurations.
Also any project improving pybind11 is welcome as we use it more and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need a more detailed letter of support!

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Would it be possible to get the following letter filled out Collaborator Letter - Google Docs by mid day tomorrow? Proposal is due tomorrow. It’s just a standard template, no extra text needed or even allowed.

I can add 1-3 sentences to the " Facilities, Equipment or Other Resources section" that says anything, I’d put unless told otherwise:

    \item Letter from \textbf{<contact>, PyTorch (<affiliation>)}:

    PyTorch uses a custom wrapper to drive a CMake build. Dr./Mr. <contact> will work
    with us to replace the existing build process with scikit-build, and utilize the new configuration
    files-in-Python-packages support planned for CMake. This will help simplify a lot of the build
    system  across different platform and configurations. We also welcome related
    improvements to pybind11.

Something like that.

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