PyTorch 2.1.0 | Feature Submission Complete

The “feature submission” milestone for the upcoming PyTorch Release 2.1.0 is now complete.

On 10/06/23, we received 20 feature submissions. Thanks to everyone who has diligently documented the features in the feature submission process.

Here is the list of Submitted Features: [Public Viewable] PyTorch/DAPI Feature List (1.12, 1.13, 2.0, 2.1) - OSS

Important Note to submitters: Please make sure the Review Form is viewable for anyone with the link, so we can start reviewing them.

What is next?

We will be reviewing the submitted features during the Feature Review phase and will publish feature inclusion and classification decisions by 8/14.

  • M2.2: Publish feature inclusion and classification decisions (week of 8/14)
  • M2.3: All PRs landed in PyTorch repo (8/25)
  • M3.1: Release branch cut (08/28/23) - DEADLINE
  • M3.2: Release first RC1 Binary for PyTorch Core (8/29/23)
  • M3.3: Domain libraries cut RC Branch (08/31/23)
  • M4: Release Branch Finalized & Announce Final launch date (week of 09/11/23)
  • M5: External-Facing Content Finalized (09/25/23)
  • M6: Release Day (10/04/23)

PyTorch Team