2.0 | Feature Review Complete

PyTorch 2.0 | Feature Review Complete

Last week we completed the “feature review” milestone for the upcoming PyTorch Major Release 2.0 in early March. On 1/12/23, we received 36 feature submissions and in our four day review cycle, approved 17 Beta/Stable] features. Thanks to everyone who has diligently documented and presented the feature in the feature submission process.


In 2.0, here are some major highlights:

  • Torch.compile() going beta!
  • Received 16 Prototype features.
  • Seeing great development traction in domain libraries (TorchText, TorchRL, TorchAudio, and TorchRec).
  • Receiving participation and feature submissions from non-meta developers (Intel and University of Toronto).
  • Adding major backend features to expand platform support and introducing important Prototype to Beta features that improve performance.

What is next?

In addition to driving key marketing deliverables with submitters, the team is targeting to cut the release candidate branch of the PyTorch/PyTorch core repo in 2/13 (please land all PR by 2/10).

  • Landed all PRs in PyTorch repo (2/10)
  • Release branch cut (2/13) -** DEADLINE
  • Release first RC1 Binary for PyTorch Core (2/14)
  • Domain libraries to cut RC Branch (2/17)
  • Last Cherry Pick (2/27)

Area of Improvement for future reviews

In this iteration of the feature review, we have heard some great feedback on the process. This includes 1) how to better categorize and fast track reviews of ‘performance enhancement only’ features where there are no API changes; 2) improve the feature templates to ensure adoption, metrics and path to Stable are submitted before review; 3) integrate Linux Foundation/PyTorch Foundation into the release process; and 4) better documentation of domain and release engineering RACI/process.

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PyTorch 2.0 Release Schedule @ Wednesday, March 15, 2023

As we land all PRs into the PyTorch repo today (2/10), we are happy to announce the release date is for 3/15/2023.

In order to meet this date, the last CHERRY PICK is 2/27 (Monday) that we will be holding the line on.

Reminder of key dates:

  • Submit Tutorials, Recipes, Documentation now before RC cuts (2/14 Core and 2/17 Domains)
  • Release branch cut 2/13
  • Release first RC1 Binary for PyTorch Core 2/14
  • Marketing Blogs drafts (Prototypes are optional) for Beta/Stable features due 2/21
  • Domain libraries to cut RC Branch 2/17
  • Last Cherry Pick 2/27
  • Marketing Blogs locked post edits 2/28

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