Private use opencl device

Following this discussion

I have two questions:

  1. Does private use device is implemented in latest version or in nightly only

  2. regarding:

    We can build a very simply torch_function mode to translate any opencl string into privateuseone automatically before it hits the backend.

    Can you please elaborate. Is this something already implemented or need to be implemented on pytorch side? Or there is something I as backend developer do?

Thanks a lot!


Here is the full example I was talking about there: GitHub - bdhirsh/pytorch_open_registration_example: Example of using pytorch's open device registration API

This should clarify 2) and your other questions in that issue.

For 1) I think that everything is already there in 1.12.1 yes.
cc @bdhirsh was there any super recent bug fix that is required?

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Nope, I think everything you need should be in the 1.12.1 branch.

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