Any plan to bump CMake version requirement?

Currently CMake 3.5 is the minimum version. Per my understanding, this is for Ubuntu 16.04 support. Since Ubuntu 16.04 is close to its EOL, do we have any plan to bump up this version number?

We definitely plan to bump our gcc minimum version when 16.04 reaches EOL, but I don’t know about CMake.
Is there a specific feature there that you would be looking for?

I’m working on getting PyTorch to work on IBM Z Mainframe, which has its own CPU architecture. The OS is RHEL 8. I’m looking into replacing FindPythonInterp with FindPython3, because FindPythonInterp seems to be buggy there. But this may also be an issue on RHEL 8 (regardless of the CPU architecture). Have you guys experimented the build on RHEL 8? Unfortunately I don’t have RHEL 8 available on x86-64.

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@xuhdev We don’t actively test on RHEL8, but that should be the same a CentOS 8, shouldn’t it?
With Ubuntu 16.04 deprecation, we can probably raise minimum version to cmake-3.10 (default in 18.04), but FindPython3 was added in cmake-3.12, i.e. it would not be available by default in neither Ubuntu-18.04 nor in RHEL 8(which is shipped with cmake-3.11)
But modules can always be embedded into the cmake/ subfolder, so if FindPython3.cmake is parseable by cmake-3.5, please do not hesitate to add it to the repo.