TorchScript usability


so recently, I looked a bit into TorchScript usability and tried to collect some ideas in the ScriptTorch blog post.
I see two main things that I would like to see improved:

I already got quite a bit of feedback on slack and in-person calls (thank you!), and I’ll try to summarize things a bit, but maybe here is a good place for additional feedback.

Given that this is quite a large program, it would be cool to get your input on both what’s missing and what how you would tackle them (in terms of prioritization and also implementation).

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It’s too late to edit, but the broken link should be “I’m toying around with it in a blog post”. Thank you, Yanan Cao, for pointing it out!

As a follow-up on the general usability topic: I wrote a new blog post about a potential route to implement fallbacks to Python:
This only covers datatypes and functions the JIT cannot handle, not syntax constructs, but I think it might be a good way to give the user more freedom to use whatever tools they see fit (but obviously, the JIT won’t know what’s happening in them).