PyTorch macOS x86 builds deprecation starting January 2024

Dear Team,

As new Intel Mac’s are no longer produced and with time fewer will remain in use, we will be stopping testing and eventually building macOS x86_64 binaries after the release 2.2.0 is complete (mid January 2024). We will not be producing macOS x86_64 binaries for Release 2.3.0.

Here is the reference issue: 114602

The following binary builds will be deprecated:

  • macOS x86_64 Conda binaries for Python 3.8-3.11
  • macOS x86_64 Wheel binaries for Python 3.8-3.12

This change will affect the following projects: PyTorch, TorchVision, TorchAudio, TorchText, TorchData.

If you have any questions, please comment below or reach out to us on this thread.

Team PyTorch


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