MPS working group?


Very exciting developments going on in the mps world. I was wondering if there a working group or something like that to get involved in the latest efforts.

I found this support matrix: MPS Support Matrix
and this README: MPS Backend · pytorch/pytorch Wiki · GitHub

but wondering if there any monthly meeting or anything like that. Would like to get knowledgeable enough to squash bugs


Yeah, I am also interested in such a working group for MPS.

Wooo! One method I’ve been using is looking at the “good first issues” and “mps” tags to see if there are any approachable bugs to work on. Are you looking at any bugs in particular?

I’m working my way up to understand addcdiv computes incorrect results on MPS with noncontiguous tensors · Issue #118115 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub and how the striding works to see if it’s something I can fix