Main failing unit test (DynamicShapesMiscTests)

I’m new, and got the build to succeed, but upon running all unit tests (latest main) I get this output :

=========================== short test summary info ============================
FAILED [1.9635s] dynamo/
!!! stopping after 1 failures !!!
=== 1 failed, 351 passed, 11 skipped, 4 xfailed, 6 rerun in 87.93s (0:01:27) ===

I see a reference to it here DISABLED test_mandelbrot_numpy_dynamic_shapes (__main__.DynamicShapesMiscTests) · Issue #109995 · pytorch/pytorch · GitHub

Running all tests under test_dynamic_shapes causes the failure, but it passes when running just test_mandelbrot_numpy_dynamic_shapes alone. Maybe some inter-dependency?

Is this normal, for some tests to fail on main?

Awesome! Thanks. I suspected something like this might fix it but wasn’t totally sure I had gotten my env all sorted.

I’ll look for more and try to get my first contrib.