First contribution to an Issue

As students, we are committing the next four weeks as part of our module to systematically address an open-source software (OSS) issue and develop a solution. Our initial step involves engaging with the community and presenting our approach, which is currently in its early stages.

We will be focusing on issue #108744 .

Our general approach involves the following steps:

  • install PyTorch from source
  • Go through the code and documentation
  • get to grips with the structure and concept
  • extend the DTensorOpTestBase for the test files
  • Running the tests and debugging

We would be really grateful if you could help us or give us some advice.
If you think that another topic would suit us, you could suggest it to us.


Thanks for helping with PT!
The steps look ok but I would add an extra step to confirm with the person that opened the issue that they will indeed be able to help you and review the change.

You can also check “actionable” issues for other tasks.