Developer docs for PyTorch inductor?

Are there any developer docs or guidelines regarding how a custom backend may be developed for inductor.

In general is there a way to understand the code structure at Inductor CodeBase?

I understand that there are some projects Hidet and Intel IPEX, but, some documentation from PyTorch developer’s team would be best!


For those who wish to deep dive into the PyTorch dynamo module, check out
Edward Z. Yang’s torchdynamo deep dive

Hi, I’m working on a tutorial for torch.compile, and the focus is more on Dynamo and AOTAutograd. Please checkout A Walk Through Example of torch.compile — depyf documentation and the project GitHub - thuml/depyf: depyf is a tool to help you understand and adapt to PyTorch compiler torch.compile. .

I would also like to see some docs for inductor!


Found a relevant post: What should we do about developer documentation?