PyTorch Contribution


I have a tool to be contributed to pytorch,

I want to understand if we need to contribute this as a new feature as shown below:

or it should be contributed as part of ecosystem flow:

Is there an issue with an RFC for the feature? That’d be a good start.

@Lezcano Thanks for the reply. Is there any code design guidelines which is mandatory to be followed.
@ezyang @gchanan

There are no guidelines. You can look for other RFCs in the PyTorch issues for inspiration

Can you share some examples for RFCs for inspiration.

@Lezcano @ezyang @gchanan It will be helpful if you can share the path to resources where I can check for previously submitted RFCs to get the broad idea about RFCs. Thanks for the help.

There is a repo for RFCs. GitHub - pytorch/rfcs: PyTorch RFCs (experimental)

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