PyTorch Contribution Categories

Hi, I found 2 types of contributions to PyTorch.

  1. Tools which are part of Pytorch codebase.
    for example: torch.onnx
    torch.onnx — PyTorch 2.3 documentation
    This is available as part of PyTorch codebase.

  2. Tools available as part of PyTorch ecosystem tools(not part of PyTorch codebase).

Questions related to this.

  1. Is there a different process for contribution for above 2 ways.
  2. When we should go for 1st option and when for 2nd option.
  3. For 1st Option my assumption is that language supported is Python or C++. Correct?
  4. for 2nd option is there any list of supported languages to be eligible for contribution?

Please provide your insight on these.
@ezyang @gchanan @dzhulgakov @malfet

Based on the multiple topics you’ve opened and the questions you’re asking, I think you’re really early in your journey to contribute to open-source. A lot of what you are asking is stuff that you are expected to self-navigate.

Focus on some easier projects elsewhere, and try your hand at contributing.
For now, if you have any questions and thoughts, feel free to use but not this mailing list, as this one is for people who are active developers of pytorch or people with more experience at contributing to open-source.